How to Apply FloorAdorn®

1.) Take appliqués out of pack and lay in desired area.

2.) Take one appliqué and pull off backing.

3.) Carefully apply one edge down and apply appliqué with your hand in windshield wiper motions (on the non-adhesive side) to prevent air bubbles.

4.) If there air bubbles occur, FloorAdorn® is repositionable! Simply pick up the edge of the appliqué closest to the air bubbles and carefully re-apply appliqué using the same windshield wiper motions.

5.) *(We recommend repositioning within 24hours of application)

6.) If you need to adjust Floor Adorn® to fit around a corner or an object, simply use scissors to adjust the appliqué.

Please Note: Not recommended for damaged, cracked, lifting floors, varnished woods, porous or matte painted surfaces.

FloorAdorn® has been tested on and successfully removed from various surface types and conditions. Neither FloorAdorn® nor Kittrich® Corporation may be held responsible for damaged surfaces or difficulty of removal. FloorAdorn® may not stick to all surfaces.

FloorAdorn® How To Video

FloorAdorn® Transformation (Quick Version)

How to Remove FloorAdorn®

1. Peel up corner of applique and pull up. Easy as that!