Frequently asked FloorAdorn® Questions

Q. - What surfaces is FloorAdorn® not recommended for?

A. - Not recommended for damaged, cracked, lifting floors, varnished woods, porous or matte painted surfaces. FloorAdorn® has been tested on and successfully removed from various surface types and conditions. Neither FloorAdorn® nor Kittrich® Corporation may be held responsible for damaged surfaces or difficulty of removal. FloorAdorn® may not stick to all surfaces.


 Q. - Does FloorAdorn® meet (ASTM F1700) test requirements?

 A. - Yes, FloorAdorn® meets (ASTM F1700) Chemical, Heat and Light Resistance requirements.


Q. - Does FloorAdorn® meet Class I Flame Exposure test requirements?

A. - Yes, FloorAdorn® meets (ASTM E648), per International Building Code, Interior Finishes, Section 804 requirements.


Q. - Does FloorAdorn® meet (ASTM E303) Slip Resistance measurements?

A. - Yes, FloorAdorn® meets (ASTM E303) measurements for dry floor areas.


Q. - How many FloorAdorn® appliqués come per pack?

A. - There are 6 FloorAdorn® appliqués per pack.


Q. - How big is each FloorAdorn® appliqué?

A. - Each FloorAdorn® appliqué measure 12inx12in (each pack comes with 6 square feet of appliqués!)


Q. - What’s the best way to use FloorAdorn®?

A. - Use a single pack for a ‘rugging’ effect or multiple packs to cover a whole space. FloorAdorn® is an easy, cost effective way to give your space a style update.


Q. - How long will FloorAdorn® stick to the surface?

A. - Even with frequent traffic these tiles have been known to stick for over 2 years.


Q. - How do you clean FloorAdorn®?

A. - We recommend using soap and water.


Q. - How durable is FloorAdorn®?

A. - FloorAdorn® has a skid and slip resistant surface that withstands the rigors of everyday household use. We tested the product in our facility for a year and it’s still looking great!


Q. - Will FloorAdorn® damage my flooring?

A. - While our adhesive is strong and our appliqués stay put, FloorAdorn® will NOT damage any existing flooring.


Q. - What kind of flooring can FloorAdorn® be applied to?

A. - Almost any! Use FloorAdorn® on: laminate, existing tile, concrete, hard wood, and more! We don’t recommend for use on carpet or any unsealed flooring.


Q. - Is FloorAdorn® really that easy to apply?

A. - Yes! The appliqués require are self-adhesive so no tools to install. If you need to fit the appliqué around a corner or an object, simply take a pair of scissors to adjust. All you need to do is make sure the surface is clean before application.


Q. - How do I remove FloorAdorn®?

A. - Easy! Peel up a corner and pull off!